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"We have multiplied our database by 30"
"This even allows us to fill job openings within 24 hours without having to post them on job boards, using only our candidates from Talent Clue."
Eli Abad
CTO & Founder, Between Technology

The 4 Steps to recruit using Talent Clue Software

The new methodology for taking your recruiting to a whole new level
Step 1.
Attract the right talent

Just like how you have a website to sell your products and services, you need a Career Page to sell your company to candidates. Promote your employer brand on your own website and attract the best talent!

Your company has followers on social networks who like your brand. Have you ever thought about them as potential candidates? Take advantage of the communities that your marketing team has created: post job openings and lead your fans to your website.

By not always posting on the same channels you will reach many more candidates! Maximize your recruitment strategy by sharing your positions around the best job aggregators, specialized job boards and universities.

Step 2.
Convert the maximum number of visits into candidates

You’re almost there, now is the moment of truth! When the candidates take a look at your positions, quickly convince them with an incredibly irresistible job offer, with images and videos that are aligned with your brand.

Now that you have convinced the candidate to apply for your offer, you don’t want to lose him or her as a result of the form! Boost the conversion of your job openings with simple, short and responsive forms that are integrated with their professional networks.

It is essential that all candidates, whichever the source they come from, arrive directly to each selection process and that you can find them in one place in order to quickly screen them and close the vacancies in record time.

Step 3.
Hire candidates faster

Candidates are like prospective customers: the difference between hiring or losing them lies in managing them right after they apply. A software will be essential to manage your positions at lightning speed and interact with all of your candidates without (almost) having to even move a finger.

Improve the relationship with your candidates by automatically informing them about the state of the process they are in, reach out to invite them to apply for new job openings and discover the power of making people happy, even when you don’t hire them.

Your database is your best ally when looking to fill positions: it is full of candidates who want to work at your company. Take full advantage of it and find the ideal candidate in record time by searching among the profiles.

Step 4.
Engage them throughout the process

Think about the candidate and take care of him or her throughout the selection process, as if they were already an employee at your company. If you wow them then they will recommend you and make referrals of other candidates, even if you haven’t hired them.

Your team members are the people who know and admire your business the most. Create personalized distribution channels to give a boost to the active positions among your employees and turn them into your brand ambassadors.

How do you know which channels attract the best candidates or the people you have hired? Analyze the success of your recruiting and talent sources and determine which areas are in need of optimization in order to improve results in the future.

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The Methodology to attract and retain the right talent

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We fell in love with Talent Cue because it has made us efficient and effective. We save time, we are more accurate and we know our candidates better.
Barcelona Activa
Everything changed when Talent Clue came into our lives. Recruitment started being fun! We have also expanded the offers we manage and increased the number of candidates.
We can now choose the best profiles from a better selection by easily searching for profiles in our database. We are thrilled with the results!
  • Cortefiel
  • Allianz
  • Grupo Planeta
  • Bacoa
  • Papa Johns

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Our only goal is for you to become the best at attracting, recruiting and managing talent. To do so, you have an entire team at your disposal that will always be of help whenever you need it. We will ensure that your relationship with Talent Clue is long-lasting and a happy one.

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Talent Clue is very useful to speed up the complicated the public employment offers processes. The best thing is, without any doubt, their great and professional team. They are very kind, effective, and always ready to help. They even tell you when they go on vacation and remind you of what you have on hold!
Tania Hidalgo, Parc de Salut Mar
parc salut
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